On November 25, 2020, Governor Wolf signed into law HB 1617. It removes the prohibition on beer distributors using the phrase “wine product” or “wine-based” when selling fermented fruit beverages. The law takes effect on January 24, 2021, as Act 125.

The product’s ABV must be no greater than 8.5% and the manufacturer must have registered it with the PA Liquor Control Board as a malt or brewed beverage. You can sell the product in bottles, cases, kegs, cans, or other containers in unlimited quantities. It cannot be sold by the state store system.

The key provisions of HB 1617 were negotiated by MBDA and representatives from other industry groups. Again, it specifically allows you to refer to fermented fruit beverages as “wine-based” or “wine products”. You can advertise their grape variety – pinot noir, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot grigio, etc.

Your Association is pleased that you are able to sell a new category of alcoholic beverages – delicious wine-based products.