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The Future of Beer and PA’s Beer Distributors is NOW!


Over the past 15 years our industry has been under constant siege.  Whether it was by the food merchants or the national big box stores, there has been an almost yearly attack on “reforming” the beer marketplace. MBDA has and will always be the leading voice in this opposition.  Though we have not always been able to win every battle in the way we would have liked, make no mistake we have WON many more battles than we’ve lost! We have won by the sheer fact that 15 years later we are standing stronger than ever despite the millions our opposition has spent trying to remove us from the field.

During this constant battle we have been able to secure items that were goals of distributors for nearly a century. The pinnacle of this achievement was securing package reform, an issue I can remember my father talking about wanting during my childhood growing up in this industry. Honestly where would we be today without it? If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be selling all packages from singles to cases and would have the ability to sell “slushies” I would have said that’s wishful thinking, but now that is the everyday reality that we all live.

Though the greatest achievement to me as the President of MBDA has been our protection of 192-ounces.  A number that 15 years ago would have not had the meaning to me that it does today. This simple phrase “192-ounces” has become the true lifeline that has allowed me to succeed in business today.

Make no mistake though.  Like many distributors, the past few months have not been a cake walk like the two previous fiscal years have been with record sales. We all are starting to feel the crunch of our previous successes during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic and know that you are not alone. I say this because everyone needs to understand that though the sales numbers are not the record highs of 2020-2021 that many saw, we as an industry are still in a better position now than we have ever been during the past 15 plus years.

As we embark on the 2023-2024 Legislative Session, I know that the future for us as beer distributors in the Commonwealth is more secure than it has ever been. With a divided legislature (Republican Senate and Democratic House) we know that truly controversial liquor issues that are not worked out amongst industry partners are likely to fail. And that is a welcome sight for me as this session kicks into gear.

I assure you as the President of MBDA our team is fully prepared and in the best position we can be in to protect and promote our industry like we have since 1936, and in particular for the past 15 years.

We appreciate the investment that beer distributors have made in their business by joining MBDA as dues-paying members.  MBDA thanks you for recognizing the importance of a strong trade association representing your interests in Harrisburg.  Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us on any industry matter.  We’re happy to help! 


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