Tap Cleaning Requirements – Distributors who sell growlers are subject to the tap cleaning requirements set forth in 40 Pa. Code § 5.51(a).  A licensee that uses a malt or brewed beverage dispensing system in its licensed premises must clean the system at its sole expense. This includes the keg or other container together with all components used to serve beverages on draft.  There is no requirement for the person who cleans the system to be authorized or approved by the PLCB, but cleaning may not be performed by another licensee.  The cleaning method used must clean the entire system with a chemical cleaning solution or other cleaning method approved by the PLCB.  The following alternative cleaning methods have PLCB approval: live steam or hot water and soda solution, followed by thorough rinsing with hot water.  Faucets, dispensing lines, valves, joints, couplers, hose fittings, washers, o-rings, empty beers detectors and draft foam control units shall be cleaned once every 7 days.  If the licensee has an operating ultrasonic, electromagnetic or other system that retards the growth of yeast and bacteria in the dispensing lines the licensee shall follow the cleaning frequency and cleaning method guidelines of the system’s manufacturer.  Regardless of the method of cleaning used, licensees must keep cleaning records, consisting of the date cleaned, the name of the person by whom the equipment was cleaned, and the method utilized.  These records must be kept on file for inspection by the PLCB or the state police.