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State Police BLCE Inspect Distributors' Records

December 10, 2009

It has come to our attention that the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement agents have been in various Chester County distributorships asking to inspect distributors' records.  Distributors are reminded that they are expected to have a copy of all territorial agreements from their respective ID's, as well as sales invoices on printed forms bearing the name and address of the Distributor, date of sale, number of units, size and type of package, brand name, selling price of the beer and the net cost to the customer. Such sales invoices must also include the name and address of the customer when he/she is buying 4 or more cases of beer, and a copy of the invoice must be given to the customer. Sales of 3 or less cases on a cash and carry basis can be entered indivicually on a counter sheet with the same information, but names and addresses of customers are not required for those sales.

Distributors are directed to the following PLCB Regulations in Volume 40 of the Pennsylvani Code, accessed from the PLCB website: Sections 9.101 through 9.107. Those records must be maintained on the licensed premises for 2 years.

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