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Beer Distributors' Assn. Elects Officers

July 16, 2012

The Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania yesterday selected its officers for the 2012-2013 term, with all six existing officers reelected to another term. MBDA represents the more than 1,200 beer distributors serving Pennsylvania.

Elected to his second consecutive term as President was Mark Tanczos, owner of Tanczos Beverage in Bethelehem, PA. Under Tanczos leadership the Association was able to fight back liquor privatization efforts that would have put beer distributors out of business by allowing beer sales in every grocery, chain and big box store. Tanczos also led package reform efforts, which achieved partial success with expanded Sunday sales hours for distributors and increased the number of items distributors can sell.

Also reelected to another term were Tanczos’ five other Executive Committee members, including 1st Vice President Ed Klunk, of Thorndale Beverage in Thorndale; 2nd Vice President Tom Mehaffie, of Breski Beverage in Harrisburg; 3rd Vice President Frank Pistella, of Pistella Beverage in Pittsburgh; Secretary LeAnn Supek, of Wheatland Distributors in Lancaster; and Treasurer Paul Farthing, of Chal-Brit Beverage in Chalfont.

Tanczos pledged to continue the Association’s fight to allow for greater consumer convenience in beer sales: “We understand the public’s desire for greater convenience in beer sales, and are prepared to work closely with other industry partners across the state to obtain true package reform for Pennsylvania,” said Tanczos.

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