Licensee Compliance Program – Reporting a Violation


We previously updated our members on the new, statewide “Licensee Compliance Program” that was introduced in January, 2018. The new law allows the PLCB to immediately take away a licensed establishment’s ability to sell or serve alcohol when PLCB employees find that a licensee does not meet requirements related to seating, food, square footage, rooms, and health license authority. Some of our members have complained about gas stations and other retailers not meeting the criteria to operate as a bona fide restaurant and have asked when the PLCB is going to inspect those businesses. The inspections are expected to be largely complaint-driven and the PLCB has encouraged residents and community members interested in reporting a complaint about a licensee to do so by email to Based on complaints received, the PLCB will begin unannounced on-site investigations of licensees. If the PLCB finds a licensee is not in compliance through an on-site inspection, the PLCB employee will notify the licensee of the deficiency or problem and immediately suspend the licensee’s operating privileges. The licensee will then have an opportunity to resolve the issue and to schedule a re-inspection to regain operating privileges. Here is a link for information about reporting complaints about a licensee:

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