HB 1644, a bill that is intended to allow grocery stores for a 25k fee to effectively become a Distributor, will be subject of a public hearing on August 27, 2019. 

The bill, which has been dubbed Walmart’s Dream Bill, is sponsored by Rep Matt Dowling (R-Fayette County) who in his co-sponsor memo stated that its intent is to “expand the current model our grocery and convenience stores are currently operating under”. The bill would achieve this by creating a “consumer connivence permit”, which could be purchased for 25k, and would allow for grocery and convenience stores to doing the following upon purchases of the permit: 

Ability to purchase beer and wine at additional registers
Ability to sell wine and beer for off-premise consumption only
Individual sales of beer containing more than 192 oz
Individual sales of wine containing more than 3,000 mL 
Permission to place wine and beer products anywhere within the store
Permission to hold educational or cooking classes featuring alcoholic products for sale 

MBDA opposes this bill and will keep all distributors updated on the hearing and the bill’s movements.