Governor proposes $12 minimum wage with increase of 50 cents per hour annual increase until 2024 ($15/hour)

Governor Tom Wolf has proposed increasing the minimum wage to $12, with annual increases thereafter to take it to $15.

The current rate of $7.25 was established in 2009.

Senate Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre) said the proposal was unreasonable.   “I voted for minimum wage increases in the past, I think it’s time we do it again, but you have to be reasonable,” Corman said. “To shoot for the moon and not be reasonable, to negotiate down to a more reasonable rate … we can’t get it done. You can’t shock the system by going for a 70, 80 percent increase in the minimum wage.”

In support of his plan, Wolf said of a $25,000 annual wage, “Raising the minimum wage lets people afford the basics, like food, rent and transportation. It also lets people work their way off of public assistance rather than having taxpayers subsidizing employers that are paying poverty wages. One fair wage saves tax dollars, grows the middle class and creates new customers for businesses, which benefits all of us.”

As CNBC recently reported, the concept of raising the minimum wage polls well.  A national 2018 survey reported the concept of an increase polled well with a lot of disagreement as to what the new rate should become.